Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Homestead Projects for Street Children

Street children for The Homestead Project (above) in Strand Street were among our last official visitors, with Gerald Jacobs. 1982 - The Homestead was the first shelter for street children in Cape Town and indeed in South Africa. It opened in 1982.
At the same time - this was back in November, on the 26th - Eloise Nefdt and Detlef Basel took the mobile sciencentre to the Western Cape Education Department.
The next day, it was a visit from the students from the Al Azhar Institute, a madressa in Lappert Street in Paarl, 60 kilometres away, and the kids from the Nural Huda Nursery School, one of the Montessori schools, with teacher Fatima Rahbeeni.
The kids from Nural Huda didn't have to travel so far, coming from 62 Ernest Road in Rylands Estate in Athlone on the Cape Flats.
Now, of course, it's holiday-mode, with kids coming in from the beach ready to have fun.

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